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       The lonely mountain of Monte Louro, that emerged from the bowels of the earth two million years ago, sits on a small peninsula on the northern end of the Ria de Muros y Noia marking the beginning of Costa da Morte. Monte Louro has enormous symbolic significance for the inhabitants of the Barbanza coast. Always present silhouetted against the horizon, its lighthouse warns fishermen and sailors of the proximity of The Leixons, the shallows that made it witness so many shipwrecks. 

     Monte Louro talks and there is no inhabitant in Barbanza who cannot translate its words. Looking at him one can predict if the day will be clear and bright or how long it will take the storm that enters the horizon line to come. It warns that it will rain when it wears the cap of clouds, and if the night is dark and the flash of the lighthouse cannot be seen, the storm is imminent.


       At the end of the day the sun paints the clouds behind Monte Louro purple and fire-like in eye catching sunsets. Maybe the name has something to do with the golden silhouette when the sun sets behind him. Seen from the heights of Monte Dordo and from the top of Enxa it looks like an island in the vastness of the ocean. But it seems it will protect our work and ensure our dreams as it has been worshipped and revered by people throughout the ages.

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