October 2002

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ravelling to the border with Portugal took us as far as Miranda do Douro, on the banks of the river Duero. We intended to visit Las Arribes del Duero and do a cruise on the river.


The badge of Miranda do Douro  The badge of Castilla-León

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View of  Miranda do Douro
A view of Miranda do Douro...

The Cathedral
....and its Cathedral.

        Miranda do Douro is a beautiful city in the Portuguese province of  Trás-os- Montes, located in the southernmost part of this and on the right bank of the river Duero  that separates it from the Spanish province of Zamora.

            In Miranda we found a place to eat that had been recommended to us, known as "O Mirandés", where they serve a superb cod stew.


The river Duero as seen from Miranda do Douro side.
         In the southwest of the province of Zamora the river Duero flows along a gorge called Las Arribes del Duero, with uneven slopes up to 200 metres high and water 80 metres deep at some points.  It is really spectacular the view of the river squeezed between these vertical walls. 
        To make the trip on the Duero river we reached the jetty by a local road, leaving the car in the parking lot.
       It was autumn and the ground was carpeted in fallen leaves. We were about to
see one of the most beautiful areas in our country


Catamaran waiting to embark.

        During the journey it is possible to see large birds in their natural habitat, especially the Golden Eagle and Eagle Perdicera, Black Stork and the Egyptian Vulture. We saw several of them ...


Navigating the river Duero

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... ... and yet we had time to get to Bragança for lunch, on the portuguese side, visit the city and admired some of its monuments, like the famous Domus Municipalis. We also visited the castle and, of course, did not forget to greet Don Fernando, Duke of Bragança.


A street and plaza in Bragança
View of Bragança. Street and plaza.

Domus Municipalis in Bragança
Bragança's Domus Municipalis.


Emblem and flag of Bragança.

The castle of Bragança

    Don Fernando, Duke of Bragança













Bragança. View of the castle,

Don Fernando Duke of Bragança

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